History Of Rice Water And Hair Growth

In the beauty world, there has been a lot of talk about the natural ingredients of rice water and hair growth.  Can rice water help hair grow faster and does it really work?  Today, I’ll dig deeper into this mystery and explain it all. But, lets start from the beginning.  The history of rice water hair growth started in Japan.  The Japanese ladies of the Heian period use to bath in rice water to keep their long hair strong and healthy.  In addition, the Chinese Yao women also bath in rice water and their hair was supposedly 6 feet long and they did not start showing gray/white hair until their late 70s!  There’s no accurate records of these stores, but individuals are catching on to this old tradition and people are seeing results in longer and stronger hair. 

Rice is fairy cheap to buy and it is easy to make.  Go to you local market and their should be large bags of rice in 1, 5 or 10 pound bags.  Sometimes, you’ll see 50-100lbs of rice bags at the local Asian market.  So why is rice water so amazing for hair growth? 

Rice water is extremely full of proteins so bear that in mind if you’re protein sensitive you may have to cut back on the rinses. It is thought to contain many of the vitamins and minerals contained in rice. There are a number of different tactics to earn rice water, but the best way is soaking the rice.  It is the fastest way to earn fresh rice water.  Rice water has a lot of vitamin E and ferulic acid an extremely effective antioxidant. It also makes a great toner! The rice water ought to keep in the fridge for around a week, and that means you have lots of time to reap the amazing hair benefits.  So, lets dive into how to make rice water for hair growth.

How To Make Rice Water For Hair Growth?

Rice water is rather easy to make.  Depending on how much rice water you want to make, get a 2-10lb bad of rice.  Next, soak the rice in a bowl and let it sit for a hour.  Then, drain the rice but SAVE the rice water and put that into a different bowl.  It should be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week. It contains natural saponins, so it can also be used as a mild hair cleanser.  Dont, forget to cook the rice in your rice cooker so it won’t go to waste. In one week, the rice water should be good to start using.  I would also use a containter or jar to help you seal the rice water for future use.

If your hair requires just a little shine, you may add just a little shine to your hair by employing a rice water. Everybody’s hair differs, try out both methods to determine what works for you. My hair can be extremely stubborn and can at times take time to observe the effects.  Surprisingly, rice water can be used on your skin too.  Provided that it’s left on the epidermis, rice water is even thought to provide mild protection from sunlight. The process of making rice water is pretty straight forward.

How Fast Does Rice Water Grow Hair?

It really depends on the individual to see if this rice water method helps with hair growth.  If  you apply rice water daily and having a decent diet, you’re hair will become stronger and silky.  In addition, by not using so much chemical in the hair will also help with hair growth.  The impacts of rice water are further enhanced if it’s left to ferment.  There’s no scientific evidence to demonstrate that rice water can help lessen hair fall.  Everyone’s body is different and this method may not work for you.  I can attest that it takes time and it was worth it for me.

Rice water can stop hair breakage. Alternatively, it can be used along with solid foods in cases of mild to moderate dehydration.  It is rich in beauty minerals and vitamins that make it fantastic for both skin and hair.  Another technique is using fermented rice water without heat. It is not my method because of the fermented smell, but I heard the method works.  In the end, try eating more veggies and fruits to help you get the vitamins for better hair and skin!

Rice Water Hair Growth Challenge?

Ready to try the rice water hair growth challenge?  Fear not, it is not that hard to do.  The challenge takes time and commitment (about 1-2 years)!  Growing hair is a long process, but it can be worth it.  But, remember, this challenge may or may not work for you. Sometimes, it really depends on people’s genetics too.  As long as you don’t have a medical condition, your hair will grow out.  There are tons of reasons why hair growth is hard.  Just remain patience and if you’re really desperate, ask for professional help or consultation. 

The rice water challenge can also helps to manage long hair because it helps in de-tangling hair and preventing knots in hair. It is known for increasing hairs elasticity. Rice water for stronger hair and gorgeous skin is now popular over the past couple of years but a lot of questions persist on its effectiveness and efficacy.  Rinse your hair thoroughly with frequent water after you are finished.

More Alternatives To Hair Growth

Rice water comprises natural saponins. It is just the thing you need for frizzy and unmanageable hair. It is one of the simplest and most affordable DIY beauty products that you can use for beautiful skin and hair. If consuming, however, it is better to heed wise standard preparation methods to make sure the safest and best rice water.  Fermented rice water for thick hair and glossy hair.

A second alternative to getting thicker hair is try hair supplements such as rezola growth.  The hair pill is an easier method that contains hair vitamins of hair strength; for more info, read about it at http://rezolagrowth.net and its benefits.  A third option is to see professional help from Dermatologist doctors. They will have the answers to your questions.  Lastly, if you got the money and time, plastic surgery for hair implants are growing in popularity too. But this is only for extreme measures and you should only consider this option if you’re going bald.  In any case, talk to a doctor about your health.  For future beauty news, be sure to check our site out in the future at http://www.chocolatecity.cc/ .

In The End: Is Rice Water Worth It?

Yes and no.  People claimed rice water works and some said it did nothing.  You should always try for yourself and test it, instead of relying on other people’s words.  Though any rice may be used, organic rice is regarded as the very best for this test. Be sure not waste food when doing this rice water hair growth test!


Rice Water Hair Growth 101

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