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Tyler Perry Lays Hands on Bishop T.D. Jakes of The Potter’s House. | Chocolate City: The Best African American Blog
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Tyler Perry Lays Hands on Bishop T.D. Jakes of The Potter’s House.


Tyler Perry Lays Hands on Bishop T.D. Jakes of The Potter's House.
Tyler Perry Lays Hands on Bishop T.D. Jakes of The Potter’s House.

Actor, director, screenwriter and playwright Tyler Perry was at The Potter's House in Dallas, Texas on Sunday and lays his hands on Bishop T.D. Jakes.

A photo of the incident was posted on the T.D. Jakes Ministries Facebook page, with its caption reading: "I can't even put into words what all happened today at The Potter's House! You have to see it for yourself!!!" A link to watch a rebroadcast of the service was included in the photo caption.

The video shows Perry coming up to the church’s main stage and sharing what he experienced at the 2013 MegaFest and his decision to donate $1 million to a youth center planned by the church.

After being escorted up to the stage by Jakes himself, Perry turned to the pastor and said, "You just caught me a little off guard, Bishop."

Perry went on to relate that he had been in town to attend MegaFest and felt moved to write out a check for $113,000 after attending the "Woman Thou Art Loosed" conference where Pastor Paula White said that those in attendance who could, should write a check for $113 "for Psalm 113."

“When you have favor with…” Perry pointed to the ceiling, referencing the Lord.

"My intention was to just leave the check and bless God," he said. "See, I love to give. I've been a giver all my life. You see, when people have given to you and sown into you and God has touched them and given you favor. When you have favor with…"

“They don’t understand it in Hollywood, but I’m going to tell you something about the blood of Jesus,” he continued to the enthusiastic audience. “My mother didn’t have much to give me. But she had Jesus.”

Perry attempted to hand the microphone back, but was urged to continue speaking and morphed in to preacher mode.

“Don’t worry about your enemy. Don’t worry about your hater. He will bless you. He will lift you,” Perry proclaimed. “Sometimes you spend too much time worrying about your haters.”

And then it happened, although it looked like it may have been pre-planned, Perry began prophesying good things over Bishop Jakes’ life, and laid his hand on Jakes’ forehead as he leaned back seemingly under the power of the Holy Spirit.

“I pray his anointing will stay all over you,” said Perry.

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