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The Rise of the Professionals by Solomon Vincent


by Solomon Vincent

As told, in the tradition of the Griots…

The short flight landed at the heliport atop one of the downtown high-rises in the Northern City. The day had been fruitful and but also considerably long. Niamo had taken the late helicopter shuttle from The Jewel, the central transportation hub in the middle of the nation located to the South. The Shuttle ran scheduled service between The Jewel to the South and the Northern City in the heart of what had become more than a mere mining region in the crux of the neighboring countries. In the distance, you could see the skyline of the mountain ranges that held an abundance of minerals of various genera.

This region has evolved into a multi-theater of cross-cultural and human values meshed in to the fabric of the environment. It is a microcosm of mining, agricultural and environmental and industrial activities nurtured into the veins and passageways of the converged neighbors. The area has always been the bread basket of the nation and region. Advancement into education with the development of industrialized entities see the minerals evolve from the raw material to finished products at the site where they are mined using all local professional and skillful personnel.

The expanse now played a key role in societal events as the leaders had stalwartly insisted that the minerals be converted here, sold here and then marketed elsewhere in a sustained process to provide for future generations. As in any rapid growth sector, secondary and supporting industries have sprung up all over the place as suppliers rushed in to fill the needs of the primary industries. And other vendors in turn also rushed to fill the needs and requirements of the secondary and created an implosive economic drive and evolvement. The country side is littered with indigenous owned industries, offspring of the mining and other industrial activities. 

Aluminum and other metal factories had been built since it is cost effective to have the factories here, than to transport the minerals thousands of miles away for long period of times, make the products and then sent them back as finished products for the consumer market. The process also took away gainful employment from the people that own the products while sustaining others far away. And, it is almost, moreover, pitiful to note, then marketing to the local environment at somewhat exorbitant prices, justifiably so, because of the long and impeding process of old.

The supersonic rail that flows between the various cities is interconnected and services the individual countries and the region seamlessly transporting people, goods and services. The economic contribution from the rail alone in terms of manpower is tremendous. The people live anywhere along the rail line and work in any part of the region.

The growth of these and other industries shows the improvement in animal husbandry and other marine industries in the subsistence infrastructures of the region.  Traditional methods and processes of beef, chicken and pork industries also display the advancement in companies that produced the yields from growth to marketing and sales. The economic structure that has evolved is simply unique as it is the people that fashions what is best in their interests using the best they themselves can offer.

Healthcare is simply a staple of the regular services and electronic medicine paves the way to efficient and effective services. With electronic-medicine, the healthcare professionals can be anywhere in the region and larger environments at bay and still perform and assist in any procedures. As the people are always conscious of their milieu, having discovered that their world and environment itself hold clues to the various ailments and as such would also provide the remedies and answers to the questions that were sure to arise.

He exited the heliport and walked to where the car that would take him to the theater was waiting. Whenever he was in town, Niamo would usually make use of the rail system to get about easily, but today he would ride with a colleague and they would compare notes from the latest technical training initiative. The various corporate entities throughout the region all participated in a program that would allow their employees to volunteer at all the centers of learning including the elementary, high schools, colleges and universities.

The latest initiative was asking for an additional hour per employee per quarter. While an hour may seem insignificant, in the sphere of the processes needed to implement the finished product, the work required for the project could be painstaking and meticulous. The people, the universities and the companies all joins in to collectively defray the costs of the time of the lectures and the cost of the resources to provide the services. The concept is simple. The companies all benefit from a highly elite work force that eliminates the notion of even seeking employees elsewhere.

All the professional and nonprofessional endeavors are all developed like an apt. The Centers of Learning benefit by harnessing and having access to the best and the brightest being molded by the preeminent and the brightest all developing new ideas and strides in all arenas of learning and education. The people benefit by having an affluent, sufficiently progressive work force and general population.

The car drove into the entrance driveway to the Center for the Arts. In the heart of the mountain terrain is this enterprising structure and organization that features the best artists and performers the region and the world could vitrine. The center had been conceived and built by some of the brilliant men and women from the area. It was an architectural incongruity set in the midst of the facade with the mountain as the backdrop.

The car continued up the curved driveway and stopped. The valet opened the car door and Niamo and his colleague walked up the marble stairs to the foyer leading into Hall of Leaders. The Hall of Leaders as this passageway is named serves as the entrance into the main lobby where the patrons would gather before going to the various theaters. The hall is decked on each side with murals that tells the story of the people in an inimitably chronological order. Entry into the murals of the Hall of Leaders was grounded on the leaders’ contribution to the people and what they were most remembered for. Each entry had the leader, a caption of their contribution and sometimes the era. The contributions of some of the leaders were enduring and were depicted as such.

As you leave the foyer to enter into this hallway, the first mural displayed is a depiction of an ancient village at harvest time. The presentation shows the centerpiece of the harvest festivities. This was where the people got a respite from the dancing and sat around the village square as the story was told in the tradition of the Griots.

A large fire is lit in the middle of the village. The people would sit in a semi-circle in the center of the village with the drummers and singers and dancers settled behind the Griot. The Groit or tribal historian would lead the entertainment. He would tell the history of the village and of the tribe and of the environment. The task of the Griot was first to entertain by regaling tales of the good harvests and the warriors that protected the village and the leaders that have brought them thus far and of all the history of the tribe of old. The most important task of the Griot was to tell the true story. He would tell of the leaders from as far back as the history was told. He would speak of the contributions of the ancestors and how we are to prepare the place for those coming after us. The stories are not just told cut and dry.

Each segment or story was accompanied by drums and singing and sayings and dancing to highlight the era and events. He would speak of the how man had mastered his environment and lived in harmony with the animals and trees. He would speak about how the animals and the trees provided food and clothing and medicine for the people for all eternity.  The Griot would tell of the rich heritage and tradition that was us as a people.  He would thank the ancestors for keeping this place and making it possible for us to enjoy such wealth and festivities as our own task was to leave a better place for those coming after us.     

Next to the Griots and the village scene were delineations of the various leaders and their contributions to the Family of Man.

Along the hallway were the captions of the dreamers. There were those like Roye who dare to vision of a prosperous nation of his people and as it is today a reality.

Along the path of the Hall were also the defiant ones like Benson, who would fight for what they believed in and never letting the dream die nor succumb to the plight of those that did not know and didn’t want to envision what lied beyond.

Going down the aisle you can only relish in the ability of the educators and stalwart credence  like Blyden who as legend has it could make even the words on the page form correctly just by his presence and his mental  prowess. Then educators had built the Centers of Learning to be some of the best ever and yes there was a dean of trousers.

Niamo and his companion continued walking down the Hall and in this area stood the protectors, like Sekou. He saw into the future and fought to leave the wealth of the land for those coming later to develop the place in the hope that they would be learned and not be robbed blindly. His was an enormous portrait with his arms folded in a relax manner. Behind him, the mountain ranges shown as if he is standing as a sentinel and protecting them for his people for all perpetuity.

Yes, this was heralded as the era of the warriors as if from when the women would sing the warriors off to battle with seductions of greater lives on their return. We will always sing of all our warriors from the ones that stopped the waters and provided firelight to the ones that fought of the bone.

Along the hall were the statesmen who all contributed to the society as it is today including Edwin. There were the unifiers. These were those that traverse the land to bring us together and make us one, showing that we are all the from the same mother earth but with different qualities and cultures and food and that our differences made us who we were, parts of a whole with each contributing as in a family, a village, a tribe, a people and what it was that kept us together. There was Odusumo who dare the world to think humanely etched in history as taking bold and innovative actions that as the preceding had been kind, as Quasie captured the images of history as they unfolded in the annuals of time.

Then, there were those that developed the law and were proficient and as the society evolved and changed so did the laws and standards that were handed down as values and meshed into the world and we herald the likes of Jeff and Dash, and there were orators too, and Richard and others.

The early builders had sought to develop the infrastructure and the minds of the people. They had seen into the future and were complacent that the heart of the people would prevail against even the depths of hades.

And the true story can be told ….